Masonic Glassware

The Engraving

State of the art sandblasting equipment is installed in-house to provide the finest possible quality deep engraved glass and crystal.  Masonic Crests and wording, deeply engraved into glass or crystal, are suitable for Consecrations, Anniversaries of the Foundations of Lodges, Long Service Awards, Installations, Ladies Nights and Visitor Presentations. 

Masonic Glassware is also highly collectable, gaining value over time.


Printing on Glass

We can also Print onto Glass!  The ‘frost’ colour print emulates engraving but costs far less, so is ideal for longer runs.  Ask about this service and you will be delighted to learn about it, if you are budget conscious.

The Range

The Gravesham Trophy Centre has an extensive range of glassware suitable for Masonic Glassware.  Find out about our Firing Glass, possibly the best value in the UK and ideal for Masonic rituals.  Tumblers, Brandy Glasses & Wine Glasses, in both plain and ¾ cut lead crystal, are all available individually, in pairs or in sets.  Decanters and Whisky Sets are highly valued for Masonic Glassware.  Glassware & Crystal are always welcomed and highly valued gifts for Freemasonry presentations.


Many items of Masonic Glassware can be satin lined boxed; making a superb presentation piece.

Rock Tumbler, engraved for a Masonic presentation.   Claudia Champagne Flute, printed for a Ladies Night.    Whisky Set, engraved to Commemorate 50th Anniversary in Freemasonary.  

Balmoral Glass Rock Tumbler, engraved for a special presentation.


Ladies Night Champagne Flute, printed. A budget-busting option.


50th Anniversary in Freemasonry. A cut-crystal Whisky Set on Figure-of-eight tray.


Your own Lodge Crest can be drawn up by our artwork department and engraved deeply into the crystal.


Cut Crystal Decanter, engraved for Masonic Lodge Presentation.   Lead Crystal Tumbler, engraved for Lodge Installation.   Brandy Glass, engraved with Masonic Lodge Crest.

Decanters, White Boxed or Satin Boxed


"Alaska" 8oz Whisky Blue Boxed or Satin Boxed


Brandy Glasses, Blue Boxed or Satin Boxed

Our Services

We love hearing from folk with questions and we do not do more than give answers - no hard sell, promise.

We are passionate about our business - glass engraving - and we reckon we are amongst the best in the UK. It all starts with good design work. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear..! Your Masonic logo is a source of pride to you and so it is to us, to recreated it, perfectly, deep engraved into your choice of glass or crystal.

We have invested heavily in top-drawer software, state-of-the-art computer systems and training. It's sometimes amazing what we are given to 'copy' a Masonic Lodge Crest from - and the state of the design work..! It is never a problem, though, because we are not afraid of asking questions, to get it right. We are happy to provide proofs, so that you are satisfied we have done so.

We have also invested in possibly the best sandblasting equipment. We believe in the sandblasting process, because it gives the very best results. Not like machines or surface-engraved lasers, which are 'scratchy'. Your Masonic Lodge crest and any associated text will not only be deeply engraved into glass or crystal, but pin-sharp, too.

You need your delivery of Ladies Night gifts, or Commemorative crystal on time - and we fully understand that. You also require your order to be correct. That's why we Quality Control every order and use a national carrier to deliver.

Whether you are looking for an individual presentation piece for a Grand Master – or a hundred pieces for Ladies Night presents, please select the glass or crystal which interests you in our Shop and order online - or Contact Us.  Please note that online orders offer secure payment through PayPal or debit/credit card and we do not pass your details on to third parties.

As an Affiliate of The Glass Scribe (a major manufacturer and wholesaler in UK), there is a Large Range of Glass and Crystal available in our Shop and you can Buy Now or ‘phone 01474 560016 for professional and helpful advice from our experienced team.  Most Glass and Crystal items show an 'In Stock' count to keep track of availability.

We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop