The History of Football


Welcome to the history of football. There are 29 chapters in this exciting journey through the ages of "the beautiful game".


Page 1
  Prehistoric Times   BC   The invention of the ball, or the wheel, which came 1st?
Page 2   Normans   1066-1400   Mob Football - not the spectators, it was violent players!
Page 3   Normans   1400s   Football in Medieval Times.
Page 4   Tudors   1500-1550   Henry VIII - did he play football?
Page 5   Tudors   1550-1600   Eskimos play against Sailors & steal ship's anchor!
Page 6   Stuarts   1600-1608   The violent Welsh game of Cnapan created.
Page 7   Stuarts   1608-1700   Before, during and after Oliver Cromwell.
Page 8   Georgian   1700-1840   Shrove-Tuesday - Goal scored in Church porch.
Page 9   Victorian   1840-1863   First Football Rules and First Football Club.
Page 10   Victorian   1863-1866   Football Association Established.
Page 11   Victorian   1872-1877   1st FA Challenge Cup & 1st International Game.
Page 12   Victorian   1881-1888   The Invincibles - First Football Club heroes.
Page 13   Victorian   1888-1900   Barging a Goalkeeper still 'game', to score goals.
Page 14   Victorian   1900-1914   The influence of Victorian Railways on Football.
Page 15   World War 1   1914-1916   British and Germans at war, play in no-mans-land.
Page 16   World War 1   1916-1923   The Football Battalion. 1918 the end of The War.
Page 17   Between Wars   1923-1939   Stanley Matthews and other football legends.
Page 18   World War 2   1939-1945   Bombs and The Football League War Cup.
Page 19   Post War Years   1950s   A Golden Time - and - The Munich Air Disaster.
Page 20   Modern Britain   1960s   Britain wins The World Cup & a dog named Pickles.
Page 21   Modern Britain   1970s   The disgrace of Alf Ramsey & Tight Shorts.
Page 22   Modern Britain   1980s   Hillsborough & Heysel Disasters & 'The Hand of God'.
Page 23   Modern Britain   1990s   Sky Sports Football and the looming 21st Century.
Page 24   Modern Britain   2000s   Football violence & Racism.
Page 25   Modern Britain   2000s   Football Tactics
Page 26   Modern Britain   2000s   All about FIFA and other Football Associations
Page 27   Modern Britain   2000s   All about Football Cups
Page 28   Modern Britain   2000s   The Premier League and The Premier League Trophy
Page 29   Modern Britain   2000s   Footballer of The Year & Football Stories.

An illustration of a Tudor football game, indeed the first international between any two nations, said to have taken place against France in Portsmouth on April 1st, 1545. The match was said to have failed to have mended the peace as intended, and some weeks later resulted in the Battle of the Solent, when the warship Mary Rose sank. However, figures in this first football picture bear an uncanny resemblance to figures in the magnificent Tudor masterpiece known as the Cowdry Picture, showing the Battle of the Solent, leading to suggestions that the “Futbal” image is merely a modern footballing April Fool’s Joke. Experts are divided on the subject. Both images are available from, who offer many superb historic masterpieces. The Futbal picture can be downloaded as free wallpaper for your PC (complete with instructions) from: where you also get the chance to donate money to Solent seafront charities.