Corporate Christmas Gifts

Corporate Christmas Gifts to make your Corporate image really stand out this Christmas.  Your Christmas Gifts do not need to be hugely expensive, to make a lasting impression. 

Corporate Christmas Gifts which Last!

Unlike chocolate, wine or other consumables, your glass or crystal Corporate Christmas Gift will last throughout the following year - or years!  A discrete decoration of your corporate logo will provide you with a Personalised Corporate Gift and your clients and staff with a useful gift which they will treasure above any other - it's a fact that everyone loves glass and crystal!

The Gravesham Trophy Centre has some superb Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas for you, including the beautifully packaged Balmoral Glass Tea Light Holder.  Supplied complete with a tea light, the mouth blown glass can be personalised with a 1, 2, 3 or 4 colour print - or deep engraved for a luxury finish.  Although we have to say that a single 'frost' colour print looks very like engraving and often has experts confused!

Personalised Corporate Christmas Gifts

You can order online and upload your corporate logo, or contact John, the friendly, professional owner of The Gravesham Trophy Centre, or one of his team, for personal service.


'Balmoral Glass' Tea Light Holder, boxed, for Corporate Christmas Gift.

'Balmoral Glass' Tea Light Holder

Promotional Corporate Christmas Gifts

There are lots more ideas for your Business Christmas Gifts this year, including a range of glass or crystal paperweights, offering such good quality, at reasonable prices, they make lasting Promotional Christmas Gifts.

Optical Crystal Sliced Dome Paperweight for Corporate Christmas Gift   Optical Crystal Pyramids are perfect for engraving your logo   Engraved or Printed Glenshiel Coaster, boxed, for Corporate Christmas Gift.   Engraved or Printed Lead Crystal Dome Paperweight, boxed, for Corporate Christmas Gift.   Elevated Whitefire Optical Crystal Pyramid, perfect for engraving your logo

Optical Crystal Sliced Dome Paperweight


Optical Crystal Pyramid


'Ice Block'


Lead Crystal Dome Paperweight


WhiteFire Elevated Pyramid

Corporate Christmas Gifts Hand Made in UK

The 'Glenshiel' Coaster, from the 'Ice Block' range is hand made in The Highlands of Scotland and each one is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing its provenance.  Four 'sticky feet' protect from scratches and elevate your printed or engraved corporate logo above the desk.  Individual Company Christmas Gifts, which are made in UK, something to be proud to present to your clients and staff at Christmas.

Moving up in value, there is a superb quality Lead Crystal Dome Paperweight, weighing 1.28lbs, which is nicely recessed underneath, protecting its surface from scratches.  Suitable only for deep engraving, your corporate image will be magnified by the crystal clear lead content in this high quality Corporate Christmas Gift.

 The pinnacle of quality in The Gravesham Trophy Centre's range is an Optical Crystal Pyramid, available in different sizes and styles.  All are packaged in velvet lined caskets, which close with a 'clunk' and ooze quality.  The crystal is optically perfect and is the same quality used for high end camera lenses and other optical equipment.

Packaging for your Corporate Christmas Gifts

Any item above, which does not mention packaging, can be individually boxed for you.  Paperweights and Coasters are available in individual rigid blue boxes, which can have your corporate logo or business crest hot foil blocked into the lid.

More Corporate Christmas Gifts Available

Take a look in the Shop and see many other great Ideas for Corporate Christmas Gifts.  Tumblers, wine glasses, champagne flutes - a special box is offered, to accept a pair of flutes and a bottle of Champagne, decanters, fruit bowls, the list is 'almost' endless!  Contact John, or one of his team, for a bit of old-fashioned service.

We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop