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The Gravesham Trophy Centre is able to offer almost all crests for the Emergency Services. Combined with text suitable to commemorate the event, the engraving of Retirement Gifts and Gallantry Awards indelibly record for the future, as well as faithfully advertise the Emergency Service’s crest or logo.

Buy engraved glass and crystal for Police Retirements, Fire Brigade Retirements, or any Police or Fire Brigade function, today, from The Gravesham Trophy Centre.


A UK made glass award, engraved to commemorate the retirement of a Police Officer.

Many different items available for Retirements

The Gravesham Trophy Centre offers a great range of glass and crystal for your selection, Blocks of WhiteFire Optical Crystal, Rock Tablets, hand made in The Highlands of Scotland and lots of different styles of Bowls, Decanters and TankardsMetal Shields are also available and make good perpetual trophies and awards.

As well as the Police and Fire Brigade, The Gravesham Trophy Centre are pleased to offer their services of providing Gallantry Awards, Retirement and Leaving Gifts to the following Emergency Services:


 Pair of Italian crystal glasses, engraved to commemorate 25 years service.

Packaging is important for Presentations.


Military – Please see separate Index for Military (Army, Navy and Air Force).

Cave Rescue – see Cave Rescue Organisation and British Cave Rescue Council.

Civil Air Patrol – sometimes known as Sky Watch.

Coastguard – The Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Lifeboats – The Royal Lifeboat Association.

Mountain Rescue – there’s one in England and one in Scotland.

RAYNET – The Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network.


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