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Bespoke Military Glassware

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The Gravesham Trophy Centre is delighted to offer a large range of glass and crystal, all of which can be bespoke engraved or printed, to suit the needs of all Military Gifts, Military Awards, Military Presentations, Military Retirement Gifts, Military Memorabilia and Military Merchandise.  All are available for online purchase in the Shop.

Military Gifts

Military Gifts, to suit all occasions, are 'the best' when given in the form of bespoke engraved glass and crystal.  It takes just a few minutes to select a suitable glass or crystal item, select a design from the library, upload your own or stipulate a Military crest - add the words to suit the occasion and pay online securely.  Your Military Gift can be delivered to any address, worldwide.

Your Military Gift can be a personal one.  Select from a library of Standard Engraving Designs to celebrate a Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary or simply to say 'I miss You'.  The Gravesham Trophy Centre also offers almost every Military crest, to make your Military Gift more service-orientated.  If ordering online, simply type the name of the crest you require into the Standard Engraving Designs box supplied on the order.


Tumbler, engraved for a Military Gift.

A choice of packaging is available, including satin boxes.

For bulk orders of Military Gifts, The Gravesham Trophy Centre also offers the service of Printing on glass.  We suggest a minimum order of 24 pieces, with 240 or more being the optimum for costing purposes.  This service makes the finished product very affordable and is ideal for Wedding Favours and Memorabilia.

Military Awards

A large number of different shapes, sizes and qualities of glass and crystal are available in the online Shop for your selection.  With almost all Military crests available, you simply need to type in the name of the crest you require in the Standard Engraving Design box, provided during the order process.

Any amount of words can be engraved, although some smaller pieces of glass and crystal have limitations!  Select the words suited to the Award and stipulate the font to be used too, to make your Military Award suited to the occasion.  Military Awards in the form of engraved glass and crystal are second to none!


Glass Plaque, engraved for Military Presentation Award.

Packaged in a satin lined box.

Delivery of your Military Awards can be made to any address, worldwide.  The website will correctly calculate the cost of postage for you.

Military Presentations

If you need to make a special Military Presentation, bespoke engraved glass or crystal provides the answer, because everyone loves glass and crystal.  Select the item/s you require from the Shop and add your engraving requirements, including any Military crest you desire.

The Gravesham Trophy Centre offers many different items for your selection, including Decanter Sets, blocks of Optical Crystal and many other items suitable for a Military Presentation.  We also realise that your Military Presentation will be of some importance, which is why we offer such a wide variety of packaging options, including Satin Lined Boxes and Velvet Caskets.  Make your next Military Presentation memorable, with a bespoke engraved item of crystal, presented in superb packaging!


Engraved Fruit Bowl for Military Presentation.

Bowls can be supplied in satin lined boxes.

Military Retirement Gifts

After a life of service, military personnel deserve to be presented with something special.  Engraved glass and crystal will be held dear to your recipient and displayed with pride for all to see.  The Military crest of your choice, along with commemorative wording, will make your Military Retirement Gift very personal.

Tankards, Decanters, Whisky Sets and very formal flat glass awards are available for you to select from.  Budgets of all sizes are catered for and your Military Retirement Gift can be delivered anywhere in the world.

If your Military Retirement Gift is to be presented at a dinner, ensure you select the correct packaging for the event.  A satin lined box will make the presentation even more special.

If the recipient has served under more than one command, we are happy to engrave more than one crest.  WhiteFire Optical Crystal blocks make marvellous Military Retirement Gifts and can have a crest deep engraved on several surfaces.  The designs 'mingle' inside the crystal and are quite mystifying!


Optical Crystal Block, engraved for Military Retirement.

RAF Retirement Presentation of a WhiteFire Optical Crystal Block, engraved with various crests & suitable text.

Military Memorabilia

Talk to us about your needs for Military Memorabilia please.  We are able to supply single pieces, engraved to order, or bulk quantities, at special prices.  There is also the option to supply your Military Memorabilia in the form of printed glassware.  We offer up to four colours and this budget-busting option makes for a successful way to supply Military Memorabilia to your customers at realistic prices.

We offer Shot Glasses, printed with any Military crest, packaged securely in a tube, for easy posting.  For shops, the tube can also be printed, making the option an excellent point-of-sale purchase.

Individual Tankards, Whisky Glasses and other popular glass and crystal products all make excellent Military Memorabilia, either for sale in shops or online.

Military Merchandise


Glass Tankard, engraved for Military Memorabilia.

Glass and Crystal Tankards make ideal Military Memorabilia.

A large range of Military Merchandise is available in our online Shop.  Military Merchandise suitable for mess dining, stocking in shops or for sale online.  Or, of course, for individual purchase!

For Military Merchandise in the form of mess glassware, we offer a number of wine suites, in a variety of sizes, from Sherry, up to large Bordeaux glasses.  Water and spirit glasses complete any dining in night table.  All can be either deep engraved or printed with any Military Crest to suit your needs.

If you require Military Merchandise for your shop, we can offer small quantities of selected military crests, for a 'little and often' approach to stock levels.  Tankards, wine glasses, tumblers and shot glasses always prove to be popular.  Packaging can be provided, in the form of inexpensive blue boxes and tubes.  A new section of Military Merchandise for your shop could open up by making a call to John Gaymer on 01474 560016.

If you are an online retailer, we can provide a 'drop shipping' option for your glass and crystal Military Merchandise, with no requirement to carry stock.  You will need to purchase a sample of each item you want to sell, in order to photograph it.  After that, we will engrave to order for you, sending out under your own label.

We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop