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The Gravesham Trophy Centre offers a vast number of Services which you may not expect from a 'Trophy Centre'.  We are somewhat more than just suppliers and engravers of trophies!

Two common questions we receive are about our Artwork services and Trophy 'Centres' (the discs often supplied with metal & resin trophies and our medals.)  Click the images below to access pages that explain more:

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Engraved Trophy Plates

We supply Engraved Trophy Plaques, in both stock and 'made to measure' sizes.  From standard, inexpensive aluminium plaques, to high quality solid brass, with countersunk holes and finished edges.

We can supply plates in various finishes such as gold, silver and black.


 Inexpensive engraved brass plaque, self adhesive.

An engraved aluminium trophy plate.

For a quote on supplying and engraving just trophy plate(s), please contact us.

Engraving your own Annual (Perpetual) Trophies

As well as supplying awards, we can engrave your own trophies which need the latest winner/year added. Please contact us for a quote on engraving your own items. Below is a small selection of some perpetual trophies that we have updated:

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2813.jpg?1516637506 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2814.jpg?1516637954 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2815.jpg?1516638232 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2816.jpg?1516638890

Annual Trophy Plate

Annual Shield with Small Record 'Pressings'.

Annual Trophy Base - Black Bakelite material.

Annual Salver/Tray


Engraving your own items (Gifts, Jewellery and Everything Else!)

We often personalise customer's own items - See below for a few examples. For more information and a cost on engraving your own items, please contact us:

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2818.jpg?1516640251 Engraved, Bespoke Silver Plated Plaque. /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2820.jpg?1516640650 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2821.jpg?1516640741

Engraved Military Medal

Engraved Guitar Neck Plate

Engraved Money Clips

Engraved Bangle

/affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2822.jpg?1516641016 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2823.jpg?1516641104 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2824.jpg?1516641195 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2825.jpg?1516641322

Engraved Police Hip Flask

Engraved Harmonica

Base with plaque, turning a rubber duck into a trophy!

Engraved Pewter Shot Glass

Laminated Plastic Signs & Plaques

Multi layer plastic signs and plaques, each layer being a different colour.  When engraving, we cut through the surface layer, to reveal the colour beneath that - or even down to a third colour.

The finish is such that the surface of the sign or plaque is a single colour, while the engraving is revealed as a different colour.

Laminated Plastic Signs & Plaques can be drilled and countersunk, to make them able to be mounted on a wall or wood background.  Alternatively, they can have double-sided tape applied, for 'instant' application.  The former method allows for outside use, but we only recommend tape fixing for indoor use.


Laminated Sign or Plaque, showing different colour when engraved. 

A Laminated Sign or Plaque, showing the difference in colour.

Engraving for Electrical Contractor

We offer to engrave circuit boards, sockets and panels for Electrical Contractors.  Our Engraving Service for Electrical Contractors is completed swiftly and to specification.

We are happy to accept work from Electrical Contractors anywhere in the UK.  Simply ask your wholesaler to deliver direct to us and send us your drawings and engraving details.

We use the services of Parcelforce for deliveries and can send by 24 hour delivery to most UK-based addresses.

Engraving for Architects

We are adept at working to Architects drawings and reading off specifications for engraving requirements.

We can supply most forms of signage, including our own glass Wall Plaques which have a wood effect backing.  Mounted with spacers and mirror screws, they look very smart when engraved.

As you will see from above, we also offer a variety of different substrates for plaques and can also supply wood, deep engraved.

Door Signs and Building Plaques are also available.  For unveiling plaques, we also offer the hire of curtains and pole for the unveiling ceremony.

We welcome all engraving work for Architects and will be delighted to supply a quotation for any Architect's engraving work, anywhere in UK.


 Building Plaque in engraved brass.

The Clivebourne Sixth Form Centre, opened by Rt Hon Ed Balls MP.

Topping Out Plaques

A 'topping-out' plaque is sometimes fitted to the highest point of a building after completion and opening by a celebrity.

At other times, we have supplied engraved silver trowels (or a spade with a plaque) to present to the celebrity.

We can supply these plaques, mounted on wood, for fixing to most surfaces.  Delivery to any UK address is achieved via our carriers


 An engraved brass topping out plaque mounted on wood.

A Topping Out Plaque.

Engraving Services

We engrave any design and text into glass, crystal, wood, metal, nickel, pewter, brass or plastic.  Corporate Logos and Club Crests, along with a library of different designs to commemorate most personal, sporting and annual occurrences can be engraved in fantastic detail.

Engraving of 'Labels' and Signs can incorporate cutting out to accept instruments, sockets and other protrusions.  All images required for such signage are held by us and can be provided without fuss, for all your engraving requirements.

Perpetual Awards (those annual awards which are presented, then returned) can be engraved on an ongoing basis.  We offer many different text styles, so can match what has gone before and will keep your Perpetual Awards looking just right.


 /affiliate_paperclip_assets/original/2817.jpg?1516639604Logos can even be engraved on to brass plaques!

Examples of hard laminate signs & socket panels.

Examples of trafolite / hard laminate material signage. Socket panels can also be produced.

Restoring Trophies

A speciality we are proud to present to you is the restoring of old trophies.  Broken, handles missing, old engraving to be removed, you name it and we can probably accomplish it, providing you with 'as new' trophies and saving on cost.

We can remove old bent handles and replace with new.  Infill engraving, polish and re-engrave - you will not see the difference.

After restoring the trophy, we can add  the engraving of a club crest or corporate logo, along with commemorative text.  Stands, with silver bands to go around (also engraved) can be added, completely transforming an old silver cup.


Image of before and after restoration of old Trophy Cups..

Before and After Restoration.

Memorial Plaques

The passing of a loved one is often marked by commemorating their life by the donation of a bench to a local park or beauty spot frequented by that person.  The bench requires a plaque which will not rust and we supply brass for such a task, along with brass screws.


We are also please to be able to supply a wood stake and plaque to mark a person's passing at a crematorium - a popular way to record the life of a loved one.





Tags, Disks & Gifts

Dog Tags and Pet Disks are available, complete with engraving, for your pet.  High quality, weather resistant materials are used, for longevity.



Examples of Brushed Gold Laminate (Top) and Brass (Bottom) Memorial Plaques.

An engraved keyring gift for passing a Driving Test.

There is a range of Gifts in the Shop.

We also offer to engrave your own cuff-links, bracelets etc.  Additionally, we offer a range of different Gifts, which can be engraved.  Pens and pen sets, along with many sport related gifts, all suitable for engraving your personal message.

A great Driving Exam Pass Gift is our simple key holder.  On the great occasion of someone passing their driving test, a simple gift will be treasured for a lifetime!

We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop