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Engraved Glass for Social Clubs & Societies

The Gravesham Trophy Centre offers you a very large range of glass and crystal in the Shop, with almost all items being suitable for bespoke engraving for any presentation, award or trophy your Club or Society requires.

Engraved glass makes every event special, because it combines the prestige of your Club or Society crest, with suitable text, to commemorate the occasion.  Perfect packaging completes the effect.


Presentation glass Rock Tablet for Rotary International.

The prestige of having your own Club or Society Crest engraved.

The Gravesham Trophy Centre produces engraved glass you can dig your fingernail into.  Crisp lines are formed from perfect artwork (and we can help with this). Once produced, your artwork is kept on permanent file, for future use.  Dozens of different text styles are available (you do not have to choose the 'standard' ones..!) and proofs are readily available.  You are guaranteed satisfaction on every engraved glass order you receive from us..!

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any question.  We are a friendly, professional team, who take pride in what we produce and understand very well the power of 'word of mouth'..!

As a 'budget-busting option', we also Print on Glassware.  Ask for a quotation today..!

Logo of The Girl Guides, used for Glass Engraving & Printing Logo of The Lions Clubs, used for Glass Engraving & Printing Logo of The Masons, used for Glass Engraving & Printing Logo of Rotary International, used for Glass Engraving & Printing Logo of The Scouts, used for Glass Engraving & Printing

Engraved Crystal for Social Clubs & Societies

Our Shop carries a superb range of crystal products, with a huge stock-holding.  We offer different types of 'crystal', from traditional mouth blown, hand cut 24% lead crystal, to thick, heavy, clear vases and bowls, on to the highest quality optical crystal blocks and tablets.  Engraved crystal, suitably packaged, makes fine awards, gifts and presentation pieces for Clubs and Societies.

Gravesham Trophy Centre is able to deliver your order anywhere in the world.  We know and appreciate that timing is all-important for your events and guarantee to despatch in a timely manner.


Presentation crystal paperweight for a Society.

Beautifully packaged engraved crystal makes the ideal presentation for a Society

The quality of engraved crystal is important, too.  We use the sandblasting method and, unlike machines or lasers, this provides the highest quality reproduction of designs and text available.  Our engraved crystal features crisp lines, deeply engraved into the crystal.  Your Club Presentations or Society Presentations will be proudly given and proudly accepted.

We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop