UGLE Tercentenary Celebrations

The Tercentenary of The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE)


In 1717, the formation of the First Grand Lodge took place in London.  Masonry, today, is the oldest fraternal organisation in the world and celebrated 300 years of the UGLE in 2017.

Founded upon the principals of Kindness, Honesty and Fairness, Masonry is not the 'secret society' marked by many.  To the contrary, the organisation is one of transparency, simply cultivating a sense of belonging, between like-minded men.  Masons are the second largest charitable givers after the National Lottery and are major contributors to international disaster relief funds.

The Tercentenary of The United Grand Lodge of England celebrated not only 300 years of UGLE, but Provinces and Districts throughout the English Constitution marked the occasion by holding celebrations commemorating Masonry generally, as well as this remarkable milestone.

Celebratory Tercentenary Glassware

The Gravesham Trophy Centre offer a very extensive range of suitable glassware to celebrate the UGLE Tercentenary.  All of which is ideal for either deep engraving or printing with Tercentenary or Lodge crests and appropriate celebratory text. Our Online Shop shows our entire range of glass, crystal, silver & pewter gifts. 

We offer our Balmoral Glass Firing Glasses either deep engraved - or as a budget-busting option, printed.  Printing is available in up to four colours, with the single 'frost print' option being the favourite, because it emulates sandblasted engraving and experts are often  at a loss to distinguish the difference.  At the time of writing, deeply engraved Firing Glasses cost from £19.28 (volume purchase) and Printed in a single colour at £16.20 (set-up charges apply to the latter).


 Tercentenary of UGLE Firing Glass.

Firing Glasses are individually boxed & available in Satin Boxes.


Artwork is never a problem to us!  Our artwork department are accustomed to working from lapel badges, letterheads and an assortment of regalia.  We pride ourselves on high quality detail and retain your artwork indefinitely.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask as many questions as you wish.  We are here to provide a superlative service!



Tercentenary Crystal

Special presentation crystal for Masonic events has been a speciality of The Gravesham Trophy Centre for many years.  Contact us today for advice on our range and how we can make any Masonic presentation especially memorable!


 Artwork Service for engraving glasses.

Our artwork department can redraw Lodge Crests from any supplied image.

Presentation whisky set for Masonic UGLE Celebration.

Whisky Sets available in our

Decanter & Glasses engraved to commemorate Masonic UGLE Celebration.

Whisky Sets available in our

Glasses engraved to celebrate Masonic UGLE Tercentenary.

Many items of crystal & glass are available in our Shop.

Crystal glasses and other presentation items, suitable for the Tercentenary celebrations of The United Grand Lodge of England are available with any Lodge crest, or indeed, any required artwork either deep engraved or (in some cases) printed - our online Shop provides costs and up-to-date stock information.

We deliver glass & crystal to any address in the world and heed your required delivery date, knowing how vital this is.  Regardless of quantity, each item is correctly packaged and will arrive in pristine condition.


We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop