Glass Vase

A wide range of high-quality glass vases are available from The Gravesham Trophy Centre, all suitable for engraving for a range of special occasions. In addition to traditional shapes, more modern, heavy-weight options are available.

Take a look at the range of Glass Vases in our online Shop. As well as branded Balmoral Glass Vases, the great factories in the Czech Republic are represented here. Made from thick glass, completely clear, these vases are wonderously heavy.


A modern 10" Bohemia Glass Vase 

A Glass Vase makes a perfect Personal Gift for a lady.  Weddings, Anniversaries, or Valentines Day, to say 'I Love You' - present one with a single red rose..!  A lady can never have enough Glass Vases, so you cannot go wrong with your choice of gift.

A choice of packaging is available. Many are boxed in gift boxes, but the choice of a satin box is often available. Packaging can be important and Glass Vases look perfect in satin, for really special occasions.

A choice of engraving designs is available to you in the online library, just select one during the ordering process. Or you can upload your own design (black and white, no greys or colours, please). We deliver all over the world, securely packed and on time.


Glass Vase engraved for a Wedding Gift.

  The 'Smile' 9" Glass Vase.

Crystal Vase

Top of the range, are the branded Inverness Crystal Vases, supplied in distinctive satin boxes, branded with the Inverness Crystal logo.

Your recipient will know instinctively that you have bought a quality product. Inverness Crystal Vases are mouth blown and cut by hand, in the traditional manner, using artisan skills passed down from father to son.

A panel of clear crystal is left by the cutter, for the engraver to conduct his art and engrave your design (there's a library to chose from) and text, commemorating any event you desire.



Inverness Crystal 10" Vase.

A Crystal Vase makes a perfect centrepiece for a table or sideboard.  Your gift, presentation piece, trophy or award will be permanently on show, for years to come.


As well as the 'Panel Cut' engraveable Crystal Vases, we have a range of Fully Cut Crystal Vases, while stocks last. These Crystal Vases are unsuitable for engraving, due to not having a clear panel, but they make excellent gifts. Or treat yourself, while prices are low!


Fully Cut Crystal Vase for a Gift.

 Range of Fully Cut Vases.

Engraved Vase

Glass engraving is an art form and companies that hook up machines and lasers simply do not achieve good quality engraving.

The Gravesham Trophy Centre is a specialist. We have invested in a Glass Scriber glass engraving cabinet, where compressed air drives miniscule grains of white aluminium oxide against the masks (stencils), which we produce in-house.

We guarantee that you will be delighted with the finished result of your Engraved Vase. As will your recipient!

If you have any questions, or would prefer to place your order with a human being, please Contact Us, we are friendly, professional people who care about our products, services and customers.


Crystal Vase, engraved for a Retirement.

 An engraved vase for a retiring Soccer coach.


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