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Engraved Glassware

Engraved Glassware suits many occasions, from the birth of a child, to retirements and everything in-between.  Imagine a bespoke piece of Engraved Glassware, nestling in a satin-lined box - and the sheer delight in the recipients eyes..! 

Just a little thought in selecting the right piece of glassware from our huge range, pick a design to suit the occasion from the library (or upload your own) and then the all-important words, including the recipient's name.  Everyone loves glassware and seeing their name deeply engraved into it makes it very special indeed.


7" 'Balmoral Glass' Comport (Fruit Bowl), engraved for a Wedding.

Balmoral Glass Bowl, engraved for a wedding.

Glassware Range

Take a look in our online Shop, for one of the largest ranges in the UK.  There is everything from the humble Coaster, to magnificent Vases, Bowls, Decanters and Whisky Sets.

Almost all the Glassware you see is suitable for engraving, the exception being anything marked 'Fully Cut'.

Most items of Glassware are available with different packaging options.  The least expensive is usually a blue die-cut box.  Satin boxes are available to house singles, pairs or sixes of Wine Glasses, Tumblers, Champagne Flutes etc;


3 items from a range of engraved glassware.  

Just 3 items from the Glassware Range.

Glass Engraver

Engraved Glassware only looks good if it has engraved with diligence.  It is our opinion that machine and surface cut lasers give a nasty, scratchy finish.  That is why we have invested in a Glass Scriber sandblasting machine.  Fine white aluminium oxide grains blast against the masks (stencils) we manufacture in-house, forcing their way into every corner of the artwork.  Even the points of the serifs of Times Roman text!

A smooth matt white finish is provided, deeply cut and faithful to the artwork.  That's why we only use high-quality artwork and employ our own designer.


Michelle, the Glass Engraver at Crystal Glass Engravers, part of Gravesham Trophy Centre, Gravesend, Kent, UK.

  Michelle, one of the team of Glass Engravers.

Presentation Glassware & Glassware Gifts

Personal Gifts are much more 'personal' when they have been engraved to commemorate an event.  A driving test or school exam passed, an anniversary or a Valentine gift - all are suitable for Glassware Gifts, especially when they bear the name of the recipient.

Presentation Glassware is very popular for corporate awards.  Bearing the logo of the company, along with suitable words to congratulate & perfectly boxed, the Presentation Glassware will be displayed with pride for years to come.  It's also very good 'advertising' for the company!

Everyone loves Presentation Glassware.  It's satisfying to give, because you know in advance what effect it will have on the recipient.  Even the Royal Family have given and received Rock Tablet Presentation Glassware!  Glassware Gifts simply don't get better than the range available to you today, to buy online, in our Shop.


Rock Tablet Presentation Glassware, engraved Corporate Award.

Rock Tablet, Corporate Presentation Glassware.

Trophy Glassware

The Gravesham Trophy Centre offers an extensive range of Trophy Glassware, suitable for almost every sport played in the UK.  We realise that different sporting clubs have different budgets for their Trophy Glassware, too.  That's why we offer such an extensive range of glassware, including both budget-busting options and classic, high-end Trophy Glassware.

Your sports club crest will be faithfully and perfectly deeply engraved.  Text layouts can be provided as proofs, prior to engraving, ensuring no mistakes are made.  We realise and understand the meaning of deadlines.  Short of war, floods or pestilence, your order will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

We are happy to provide quotations.  Simply Contact Us with your budget and list of requirements and leave the donkey-work to us.  We guarantee value-for-money and often surprise our customers with what we are able to supply, for your  budget.


2 handled Trophy Glassware Cup, engraved for a Race Day.

Trophy Glassware - an 8" Trophy Cup.

Printed Glassware

In addition to providing fine quality Engraved Glassware, The Gravesham Trophy Centre provides Printed Glassware.  Printed in up to 4 colours, a large range of glassware can be provided in this budget conscious option.

The most popular option is our 'frost' colour single colour print option.  The colour looks very similar to the colour of engraving and even confuses experts.

Your orders need to be in excess of 24 pieces, to make the set-up costs worthwhile, but larger volumes get very cost-effective.  This is an ideal service when costs are a factor.  Weddings, Club and Company Gifts or where a little money needs to go a long way, but the perceived value needs to be high.

You can place your order online (and upload your own design), but please do not hesitate to Contact Us for friendly, professional advice.


Printed glass champagne flutes for Wedding Favours.

Printed Glassware Champagne Flutes.

We accept payment via: payment over the phone, Invoice, Paypal, Credit Cards, BACS & even cash brought into the shop