Firing Glass

"Balmoral Glass" Firing Glass

A Firing Glass which has been hand-made and mouth-blown, packaged as standard in a distinctive blue, "Balmoral Glass" branded box and which has found favour with many Masonic Lodges.

The "Balmoral Glass" Firing Glass is exactly the correct weight, the base being solid glass. Bringing this glass down to table will provide the required 'bang' - while a number of them in the same room, all being brought down together resounds in a spine-tingling 'firing glass' sound.

This Firing Glass does exactly 'what it says on the tin'..!

'Balmoral Glass' Firing Glass, engraved with Masonic Lodge crest.

The "Balmoral Glass" Firing Glass is available either with a distinctive blue branded box, or a satin lined presentation box.


In addition to its distinctive blue box, branded with "Balmoral Glass", the Firing Glass is also available in a blue, Satin-lined Box. Both options are supplied with a 'legend', printed on a matching label, describing the method of manufacture of the Firing Glass.

Further information regarding care of the glass is also printed. Interesting facts, which enable your recipient to fully appreciate not just the Firing Glass, but all good quality glassware they own.

A distinctive blue "Balmoral Glass" Box

The "Balmoral Glass" Firing Glass is available either with this distinctive blue branded box, or a branded satin lined box.


Deep engraving is performed by use of our professional Glass Scriber sandblasting machine. Extremely fine aluminium oxide (as fine as talcum powder) is blasted against a 'mask' (stencil), providing a deep image, carved into the glass and leaving a matt white, exact replica of your crest and text. One 'mask' is used for each glass, so 100 glasses require 100 masks.

Of course, the finished result on the Firing Glass, is only as good as the detail on the mask. And the detail on the mask is only as good as the artwork we prepare. That's what we really work hard at - preparing high-quality artwork is the key.

Using sophisticated software and good old-fashioned drawing skills, we ensure that your Lodge crest is exactly as it should appear, regardless of the quality of image you supply us with.


A Masonic Lodge Crest before we have redrawn it. Images supplied such as these usually require a redraw as they are low-resolution or not mono black and white.

More details on our redraw service can be found here.


The same Masonic Lodge Crest, redrawn as a black and white vector graphic. This is now ready to use for engraving.


Artwork is never a problem to us! Our artwork department are accustomed to working from lapel badges, letterheads and an assortment of regalia. We pride ourselves on high quality detail and retain your artwork indefinitely.


We also offer a budget-busting option of decorating your Firing Glasses. Printing is available in up to four colours, with the single 'frost print' option being the favourite, because it emulates sandblasted engraving and experts are often at a loss to distinguish the difference.

Do not hesitate to contact us and ask as many questions as you wish. We are here to provide a superlative service!

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