Glass & Crystal Clocks

Glass Clocks

A splendid Glass Clock, with plenty of space for engraving, is the Caledonian Clock, from the Rock Tablet range.  The example on the right was engraved for a corporate competition prize.

The Caledonian Clocks are unique, in that each is individually hand made.  The glass is 12mm (1/2") thick and features a "running scallop" along each edge, the method of manufacture being a carefully kept secret by the maker in the Scottish Highlands.  A glass clock hand made in UK.  The base is protected by plastic feet and each piece is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, rolled and tied with tartan ribbon.  Your Caledonian Clock will be packaged in a branded, rigid blue box.  Perfect for a prestigious presentation.


Engraved glass clock for desk or mantel.

The Rock Tablet engraved glass Caledonian Clock.

Engraved Clocks

The Crystal Glass Engraver, part of Gravesham Trophy Centre, is a specialist in glass engraving.  High quality engraving is a standard we achieve repeatedly.  We have invested money in the best quality tools - and invest time in each order we process.

When we start work on your engraved clock, we commence proceedings by preparing fine quality artwork.  This is transposed into a 'mask' or stencil, which is applied to the clock to be engraved.  The mask is then sandblasted, using pure white aluminium oxide, which cuts into the glass.  After sandblasting, your newly engraved clock is washed in warm soapy water, to remove the mask.  It is a labour intensive procedure, but provides the high quality engraving we strive for.


Engraved Clock close-up of engraving.

High Quality Clock Engraving.

Crystal Clocks

WhiteFire Optical Crystal is made from K9 crystal. It will not 'yellow' over time, like some other forms of crystal.  The 'Wedge Circle Clock' on the right has been deeply engraved for a house builder, to leave as gifts for new home owners.

We think that this is the perfect gift for the purpose, because it is high quality and will be placed on display with pride.  That's the whole purpose of gift-giving.  Give something cheap and sooner or later, it ends up in a drawer.

WhiteFire Crystal Clocks are supplied in branded rigid blue boxes, lined with velvet.  Nestled in a luxury box, this alone will tell your recipient that your gift is of value.  Despite the fact that your engraved crystal clock is an affordable luxury.


Optical Crystal Clock, engraved for New Home Gift.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal "Wedge Circle" Clock.

Crystal Mantle Clock

Another item from the WhiteFire range, is the "Fantasia" Mantle Clock.  It also has a good space for engraving and, because the crystal is so soft, the engraving can be fairly deep.

This crystal mantle clock is an ideal gift, trophy or presentation piece, suitable for literally any occasion.  It is also packaged in a beautiful branded box, lined with velvet and has a lid that closes with the 'clunk' of a Rolls Royce door.

The "Fantasia" crystal mantle clock is of a timeless design.  Neither traditional, nor contemporary.  It therefore fits in perfectly, wherever it is placed in a home.



Crystal "Fantasia" Mantle Clock, for engraving.

WhiteFire Optical Crystal "Fantasia" Clock.


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