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Engraved Decanter

A variety of Decanters, in a variety of shapes, for different uses, are available for you to buy today in our Shop.

Deep engraved Decanters are suitable for all sports, personal gifts and as corporate awards, too.  Packaging is important and you can elect to have satin lined boxes, for extra-special occasions.

Either upload your own engraving design, or select one from our extensive library. This will 'lift' the engraving and we make no additional charge for the extra service.  A range of different typefaces is available, to make your message stand out.  A completely bespoke service, unlike most other 'gift shops' on the internet, selling standardised engraved decanters.  If you are unsure about anything, or just want to speak to a friendly professional about your engraved decanter order, please Contact Us.


Lead Crystal Whisky Decanter, engraved for a Retirement.

Lead Crystal Whisky Decanter, engraved.

Note that "Fully Cut" Decanters are not suitable for engraving - look for the "Panelled" variety - these are cut on only 3 sides, leaving the fourth clear, to engrave your design and words.

As well as the ever-popular Whisky Decanter, we also offer Wine Decanters, Port Decanters, Ships Decanters and Whiskey Decanters.

Engraved Decanter Sets

We offer both plain crystal and cut crystal Decanter Sets in our range and you can buy online today. 

For important occasions, look for "Panelled" Whisky Decanter Sets, branded "Inverness Crystal".  Presented in a branded satin box, these high quality Whisky Sets are the epitome of good taste.  Deep engraved by our craftsmen, they are a lasting reminder of a prestigious event.

We also offer plain crystal Whisky Decanter Sets and when engraved, they too are remarkable presentation pieces.  Also available with satin boxes, they make ideal gifts, trophies and prizes.  Take a look at them now, in our Shop.


Engraved Whisky Set, on a wood tray, for a presentation 

Wood Figure of 8 tray and engraved Whisky Set

Modern Decanters, Engraved

A good range of either inexpensive or stylish Decanters is also available.  All of which are suitable for engraving.  If you are looking for something on a budget, or for something that little bit different, take a look at our Modern Decanters.

There are some excellent choices here, from Italian and Czech factories.  The Italians make mass-produced Decanters, with cork stoppers, suitable for budget purposes - Engraved Decanters to a price.  The Czech factories make heavy, clear glass Decanters.  Engraved Decanters with a real presence.

Deliveries can be made world-wide, via post or ParcelForce (for larger orders).  We pack securely, ensuring the safe arrival of your purchase.  Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions, we love helping people!


 Lovers Decanters, ready for your engraving.

Lovers Decanters from the Modern range.