All About Glass, Crystal & Decorating


- All about the History of Glass and where it all started.


- What Glass is made from.


- The difference in quality resulting in the Methods of Manufacture.


- What is "Cut Crystal" and how is it achieved.


- The different ways glass & crystal can be personalised.


 - Sandblast engraving Glass & Crystal.


- Information about hand engraved glass & crystal.


- The things to look for in Glass & Crystal


- How to look after your glass & crystal, plus cleaning tips.

Understanding Glass & Crystal

Few people understand how glass is made, where it all started, or how to look after it.  Kindly allow us to enlighten you on one of man's finest inventions - and his subsequent improvements.  Once you know and understand the finer points, you will soon become an expert and learn what to ask for and what to look for.

The History of Glassmaking is a fascinating subject and started with what we can only imagine was an accident, rather than an invention..!   Then having discovered glass, man has formulated many ways of Making Glass & Crystal.  Then he learned how to add various oxides into the mix, creating all manner of different effects,  including the making of Crystal and Lead Crystal, through using a various Crystal Content.

First making glass entirely by hand, man learned how to use different machines and discovered that the Method of Manufacture created differing qualities.  Furthering the story, it was learned that glass and crystal could be cut and that Cutting Crystal not only gave different effects, but also could be used to rid the glass of 'inclusions'


The Balmoral Glass Whisky Glass, can be bespoke engraved.

"Balmoral Glass" Whisky Glass. Ideal inexpensive trophy, gift or presentation - with our bespoke engraving.''

Aside from cutting, other forms of Decorating Glass or Crystal have also been invented over the years.  Including our own speciality, bespoke engraved glass and crystal.  We now offer you a very large Variety & Choice of different shapes, for different purposes.  Of course, we also offer you items without purpose, other than to look amazing, when engraved!

Lastly, few folk know much about the Aftercare of Glass & Crystal.  May I assure you that you have come to the right place. Should you have a problem in cleaning that Decanter, Vase or Wine Glass, click on the 'Aftercare' link above.  Better still, you can learn about simply looking after the glass and crystal that you own - and, with your new-found knowledge, can look at and appreciate the really beautiful glass and crystal that is still available in today's high-speed world.


 Decanters can be cleaned inside, using our hints & free tips.

Decanters are not difficult to clean inside!

If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer them.  Simply Contact Us.